Educational Discount Programme

Special discounts for students and faculties

As a university-based business, we are deeply committed to assisting students and academic colleagues in their spatial audio endeavours. Currently, we offer special discounts for our products as follows.

  • VIRTUOSO: 67% off ($99)
  • DUOPAN: 30% off (coming soon)

If you are currently a student or a member of academic/technical staff at an academic institute, you can apply for the discount by completing the form below. We will review your submitted information and get back to you by email with a discount voucher. One of the following types of documents needs to be uploaded as proof. The document should show that you are currently enrolled at or employed by your institution:

Note: Kindly submit the form when you are prepared to purchase the software. We require individual issuance of voucher codes and setting of deadlines for security purposes.

  • Photocopy of student ID card
  • Photocopy of staff ID card
  • Letter or certificate of enrolment
  • Letter or certificate of employment

Bulk licensing

If your institution is interested in purchasing multiple licenses via invoice, please send us an email at, including descriptions of the number of licenses you require and your intended usage plan. We will promptly get in touch to discuss further. Additional discounts may be available depending on the quantity of licenses.

Application Form

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