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Dimensions of immersive 3D audio experience. Talk at Schoeps Mikroforum 2022

Discrimination between Audio Stimuli: How to Design an ABX Test. Talk at the South German AES colloquium

The Effect of Direct-to-Reverberant Energy Ratio on Front-Back Confusion in Binaural Reproduction

Goodbye Stereo Part 2: Immersive Recording Techniques

3D-MARCo session

Conceptual Model of Immersive Experience in Extended Reality

Capturing Multichannel Room Impulse Responses using HAART

Punch Metering & More

Punch Meter Plugin Demo

HULTI-GEN v2 (Huddersfield Universal Listening Test Interface, Version 2)

Listening Test Design – Part 1: Grading Tests

Listening Test Design – Part 2: Psychophysical Tests

Auditory Perception Depending on Listener’s Position and Orientation in an Enclosed Space

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