Fully-funded PhD opportunity at APL

Updated on 1 Nov 2023 by Hyunkook Lee

* Update: This project has started in Oct 2023 (PhD student: Sam Dickinson).

We are looking for strong candidates to apply for an EPSRC DTP-funded PhD project on “Intelligent monitoring of psychoacoustic annoyance in urban acoustic environments”.

Project introduction: Noise-induced annoyance is known to have a significant influence on mental health. Conventional models of psychoacoustic annoyance are limited in that they are based only on spectro-temporal features of sound, and their ecological validity has not been rigorously tested. This PhD project aims to (i) advance knowledge in this field by determining the influences of spatial features on annoyance and their interactions with conventional features, and (ii) develop an intelligent real-time annoyance monitoring system to be used in various acoustic places. It is expected that the outcomes of this project will positively impact people’s wellbeing and quality of life.

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