HULTI-GEN (Huddersfield Universal Listening Test Interface Generator)

HULTI-GEN takes user-defined parameters (e.g. the type of scale, the number of trials and stimuli, randomisation, settings for reference and anchors, etc.) and automatically constructs a GUI suitable for the requirement of the listening test. This allows the user to quickly create various types of multiple and pair-wise comparison test environments. To assist the user, HULTI-GEN also provides a number of presets based on ITU-R recommended methods such as MUSHRA and ABC/HR. The user can also flexibly edit these presets to adjust the recommended methods for different test requirements (e.g., adding audible anchors, removing hidden reference, etc.). Subject’s responses are saved as a text file, which can be easily imported into Excel for data analysis. HULTI-GEN supports the playback of multichannel wav. file of up to 28 channels, which is useful for multichannel 3D sound quality evaluations.

Download HULTI-GEN