Over the last decade, spatial audio systems have received an increased attention in the cinema, home and car audio. Audio quality of such systems must be of a high standard and be as close to the real environment as possible with sound localisation being one of the main criteria of the realistic spatial audio. The goal of this research is to provide the perceptually based data that can be used in the improvement of localisation accuracy of the current panning methods in spatial audio systems. Additionally, the perceptual mechanism of the vertical panning needs to be theoretically explained. To achieve this goal, subjective and objective investigations into the perceptual mechanism of 3D sound panning will be conducted. These investigations will incorporate practical loudspeaker positions and stimuli, as previous research is limited to the laboratory conditions.

PhD project: 2016 – 2019

Researchers: Maksims Mironovs

Supervisor: Dr Hyunkook Lee


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