I thought I was listening to my speakers! Virtuoso fooled me. Amazing recreation. We finally have a convincing tool for binaural translation.

Bob Katz
Mastering and mixing engineer, Author
APL’s Virtuoso Binaural Renderer is simply astounding. I was able to arrive at settings where listening over headphones in my studio is eerily similar to listening over my immersive speaker layout. Virtuoso gives me confidence that I can make decisions on headphones and not be disappointed when I get back to my studio.
Mark Willsher
Score mixer & Music editor

Virtuoso has been absolutely invaluable to me mixing my last batch of EPs for Dolby Atmos. I don’t have an Atmos setup, so I used Virtuoso for monitoring while I was creating the mix on my home setup, then checked the final tweaks mixes on a friend’s setup. I actually changed very little from the Virtuoso mixes.

Peter Chilvers
Composer, musician and engineer
Virtuoso is the best binaural monitoring tool I’ve used. The records that I have mixed using Virtuoso have translated exceptionally well to speakers and radio, while the score I mixed translated flawlessly to the dub stage.
Michael Patterson
Virtuoso is an unprecedented solution to the challenge of finding reliable, accurate software-based binaural monitoring for working on spatial mixes when away from the studio. APL have made it very straightforward to model a familiar space or experiment with new environments. Highly recommended.
Emre Ramazanoglu
We used APL Virtuoso for approval playbacks on Halo Season 2. We found Virtuoso to have the most convincing immersive/spatial rendering of any plugins we had tested. You truly feel as though the sound is moving around you.
Matthew Chan
Re-recording mixer

Virtuoso is the most realistic binaural renderer I have used and I am happy to have found a reliable tool I can turn to that accurately translates immersive room environments over headphones. I recommend every engineer include it as part of their immersive mixing workflow.

Christal Jerez
Mixing and mastering engineer
Virtuoso is phenomenal. The imaging of multichannel mixes on headphones is truly immersive. The translation of  Atmos on headphones literally had me check that the monitors weren’t on a few times. I also used it in conjunction with some delays and verbs to create textures and atmospheres that turned out great. I love it.
Dror Mohar
Sound designer/Re-recording mixer

Never before have I heard such amazing binaural detail from behind and above. I was blown away by how moving an object around my head was translating binaurally on headphones. Mixing through Virtuoso really does give the impression of mixing through speakers in a room.

Mark Gittins
Broadcast mix engineer

As a mastering engineer I have found Virtuoso invaluable in allowing me to recreate the conditions in my control room when I am on the move. The accuracy with which Virtuoso replicates my room is uncanny – on several occasions I have been fooled into thinking I had left my monitors on. All my listening on headphones goes through Virtuoso now.

Sam Proctor
Mastering engineer
Virtuoso is the first binaural monitoring tool that I found to reproduce the nuances and immersive sensory fields of high-resolution audio masters I produced. I wholeheartedly welcome the release of Virtuoso.
Mick Sawaguchi
High-resolution recording engineer/producer

Virtuoso produces a convincing and trustworthy binaural 3D sound experience, empowering the artist to continue working on their spatial audio materials outside the studio. The many virtual space parameters also allow creative exploration of binaural mastering to bring forth qualities in the source.

Natasha Barrett
Electroacoustic and acusmatic music composer

Virtuoso is a top class binauralizer! I’m very impressed by the degree of externalization and the naturalness of the virtual room sound. Virtuoso makes my recordings sound like convincing dummy head recordings – that’s very impressive!

Lasse Nipkow
3D audio recording/mixing engineer

Virtuoso is a game changer for my binaural adventures. Finally I have a reliable immersive monitoring setup to go, and all I have to think about is making music for it.

Hans-Martin Buff
Recording and mixing engineer/producer

Virtuoso is the first binaural software I used which replicates speaker monitoring close to a real speaker setup. It’s not only very accurate in terms of localization and frequency response, but also very musical-sounding.

Felix Krückels
Tonmeister/Professor of broadcast production

Virtuoso provides an unprecedented level of accuracy in spatialisation while preserving the naturalness and integrity of the source. It’s an integral part of my immersive audio workflow.

Katia Sochaczewska
Immersive sound designer/producer

What a special binaural experience! I had to take off my headphones and make sure the speakers were off. With Virtuoso, I can see myself genuinely being able to create music in spatial audio with accuracy and confidence.

Justin Gray
Mastering and mixing engineer

Finally, a binauralizer that I can trust! With Virtuoso, I feel more confident in my mixing of immersive audio using headphones. I am impressed by its ability to create enveloping and externalised sounds without compromising the punch and clarity.

Martin Rieger
3D sound designer
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